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Nathaniel is an international startup mentor and Giant in Residence at Blackbird – Australia’s leading venture capital firm. He helps early-stage startups streamline their marketing & comms, strategy and measure impact to land corporate partners.


Startup Accelerators (sector-agnostic)

Startup programs (sector-specific)

University Accelerators

Advisory Board

Bringing a youth lens to pressing issues, Nathaniel is on the Advisory Board of the following companies:


Australia’s leading career education platform, backed by Rio Tinto’s $10 million investment


Helping teen founders build impactful companies

School Broadcasting Network

Award-winning youth radio program highlighting that showcases global emerging artists and youth leading change

Bridging Horizons

Building connections between educators in India and the US

Young Global Scientists

An online student-run journal that creates opportunities for young scholars around the world to share their learning and publish their thoughts and discoveries.


Monash University
Disabilities & Carers

Supporting 7000 disabled students across campus. Overseeing a $6 million budget for student wellbeing.

Generation Mental Health

Building the next generation of leaders in global mental health


Accelerates success by exposing students to new knowledge, opportunities, and innovative software technologies.